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Невярович Наталия Евгеньевна

Общая информация

Возраст: 48

Город: Санкт-Петербург


PhD (Candidate of Psychological Science) St. Petersburg State University (Russia)
Clinical Psychology, 2005.
BA/MA (Diploma) St. Petersburg State Pedagogical University (Russia)
Biology and Psychology, 1996


Director, North-West department of Russian Charitable Foundation “No to Alcoholism and Drug Addiction”, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2000-2005.
Clinical psychologist, Psychological Center of Children’s Drug Addiction Prevention at the Institute of Special Education and Special Psychology of the Raoul Wallenberg International University for Family and Child, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2001-2002
Clinical psychologist, Project coordinator. International Foundation «United Human’s Resource» Project title – “Psychotherapy of rape victims”, Chechen Republic, Russia, 1998-2000
Director of research division, Psychology-Pedagogical Socio-Medical Center “Razvitie”, St-Petersburg, Russia , 1999 - 2000
Clinical psychologist, Project coordinator: Psychology-Pedagogical Socio-Medical Center “Razvitie”. Project titles: “Psychotherapy of PTSD” (1998 – 1999), the international project “Socio-emotional problems and psychological guidance of affected children” (Antwerp, Belgium, 1995-1998), “The prevention of the delinquent behaviors of teenagers” (1994-1995), , St-Petersburg, Russia, 1994-1999.